Previous Collections

A tour of our previous collections of Stimagz - let us know your favorites and they may make a return someday!

October 2022
OG Kickstarter Collection

Fun Fact: Our company only exists because of our Kickstarter backers! In October of 2022, we launched a Kickstarter for the first version of Stimagz - and you all loved it!

This collection introduced Purple and Green, then Black, Orange, Pink, and Sky Blue as stretch goals on Kickstarter!

July 2023
Pastel Collection

Our first limited time collection!

The 2023 Pastel Collection featured lovely shades of Pink, Orange, Green, Lavender, Yellow, and a shade of Blue that wasn't quite where we wanted it to be - so we made it a bit more vibrant in 2024!

September 2023
Fall Collection

The leaves were changing color, the air growing crisper, and we released a seasonal set of Stimagz to fit the mood!

Featuring fun and flavorful colors and names such as Pumpkin, Squash, Cranberry, and Pine!

October 2023
Glow In The Dark!

Spooky season was upon us - and there's only one thing that can mean!

Glow In The Dark Stimagz! I wonder if they'll return at a later date to continue their haunt...?

February 2024
Deep Collection

It's not that deep - really. The Deep Collection featured beautiful deep shades of Red, Blue, and Green! (White was also here but this collection originally had another theme let's just move past it and pretend it fits in)

May 2024
Pastel Collection

The return of the king! Our most popular collection of 2023 made a triumphant return in late May of 2024, heralding the beginning of summer with lovely pastel hues of Pink, Orange, Green, Lavender, Yellow, and Blue!

Summer 2024

What could be just around the corner!?

August 2024
Series II Kickstarter Collection

Our second version of Stimagz launched on Kickstarter in March to resounding success beyond our wildest dreams!

We started with Stimara Purple, Black, and White, but quickly unlocked all of our stretch goals including Cobalt, Sand, Espresso, Lavender, Pastel Pink, and Forest Green!

The campaign went so well that we had to create 3 more bonus stretch goals of Smoke, Terracotta, and Teal!