Stimagz - Fall 2023 Collection

Mix and match your favorites up to a total of 9 sets!


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  • Strong magnets
  • Enhances focus
  • Infinite pattern possibilities
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Stimagz are not intended to be used by anyone under 14 years of age.

They contain strong magnets and can be a choking hazard

If you purchase Stimagz and live in a household with young children, please take care to ensure they are not left unattended with Stimagz.

Stimagz Fall 2023 Collection
Happy Fall!

As the days grow shorter and the air crisper, our Fall Collection is here to make this season even more enchanting.

Whether you're cozying up inside or exploring the vibrant outdoors, let Stimagz be your trusty companion this Fall.

Infinite possibilities

With infinite patterns for you to discover, the number of ways you can use Stimagz are endless.

Balanced stimulation

Stimagz are designed to provide the perfect blend of physical and cognitive stimulation, unlike most other fidget toys which only focus on physical.

Your brain deserves the best, and that's what Stimagz aims to deliver.

Perfectly Portable

With a sleek form factor, Stimagz easily fit in most pockets and purses (even women's jeans!)

Customer Reviews

Based on 1005 reviews
Most useful stim tool I've owned, and support was top notch.

I've had my Stimagz for a month now, and I basically take them everywhere.
I got a few for use at my desk at home, some for in the office, and some for when out and about. They've been really useful as a subtle and quiet stim tool I can use in meetings or calls, all without disturbing anyone nearby.

One set was missing from the order, but a replacement set was sent out very quickly!

Morgan G.

Stimagz - Pastel Collection

Michael R.

Good for keeping and mind busy satisfying click of magnets and fun to put opposing magnets together.


Not as fun as I expected them to be.

Allen E.
I’m in love!

As someone with ADHD I am constantly fidgeting with something, and when I can’t find something … I end up skin picking. Terrible habit, I know! But Since getting Stimags, I’ve got a fidget toy that I haven’t gotten board with in months!