Stimagz Builder

Mix and match your favorites up to a total of 9 sets!

$15.00 Price Per 6-Pack

To cover the cost of customized orders, the Stimagz Builder has a $2.50 USD base fee.

Pastel Collection

Original Color Collection

Stimagz Builder

Mix and match your favorites up to a total of 9 sets!

$15.00 Price Per 6-Pack

To cover the cost of customized orders, the Stimagz Builder has a $2.50 USD base fee.

$45.00 Total Price

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They're Back!

A year after releasing our first Pastel Stimagz collection, they've finally returned to our shop! We received countless emails, DM's, and even requests in-person to bring back these Pastel beauties, and your wish is our demand!

Just like last time these are LIMITED EDITION and once they're sold out - they're gone! So if you want to pick some up now's the time!

Work with your brain, not against it
A RAinbow of focus

Engage your hands with these beautiful pastel hues, enhancing your focus and bringing a splash of color to your daily routine this spring.

Stimagz are a versatile magnetic focus tool designed to boost concentration and calm your mind.

Perfect for any setting, our unique pattern-based design adapts to your needs.

The Harmony Of Mind And Motion
Balanced stimulation

Crafted to offer a balanced blend of physical engagement and cognitive stimulation, Stimagz stand apart from ordinary fidget toys that primarily cater to simple repetitive movements.

We believe your brain deserves the best — a tool that nurtures focus and creativity. Stimagz are meticulously designed to deliver just that, ensuring a well-rounded sensory experience.

Perfectly Portable

Compact and ergonomic, they fit effortlessly into any pocket! And it gets even easier to take them on the go when you add our Stimagz Carrying Pouch.

Healthier Habits

Keep your hands busy with soothing patterns, providing a healthier alternative to nail biting, skin picking, or compulsive phone checking.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2532 reviews
Elaine P.
Thank You!

My daughter loves these! She always has them in her hands or nearby. Thanks for the fantastic fidget! : )

Tara S.
Can’t put them down

I received Stimagz a week ago and I have been carrying them with me everywhere! They are wonderfully addictive and helpful.

Kim W.
Favorite Fidget!

I got these for my adult daughter and she said they are her FAVORITE fidget. Yay! Super sturdy and fun.

I would love to have these for my 5th grade students!

David A.
Good product

I'm enjoying these


Pretty good these have been helping me with my nail biting I can't stop it's been helping me and I love them