Kickstarted by the community

In October of 2022, a Kickstarter campaign breathed life into our first product - Stimagz. Thanks to the incredible support of our community, we were able to manufacture Stimagz and ship them out to over 1,700 backers.

Our very existence is a testament to your belief in us, and we're eternally grateful :)

Committed to excellence
Our Journey

Stimara was born from a desire to support the neurodivergent community with tools that stand out in quality and effectiveness. This core mission remains unchanged, but over the past year we've realized the benefits of our products extend far beyond the neurodivergent umbrella.

We've seen firsthand how everyone in this increasingly busy world can enjoy enhanced focus, moments of calm, and a productive alternative to digital distractions or other bad habits.

We welcome all who seek to improve their daily lives. Our commitment is to continue crafting tools that hold a special place for neurodivergent individuals while also serving the broader needs of focus, calm, and engagement for everyone.

Quality Assurance

Every Stimara product comes backed by a 6-month warranty, testifying to our commitment to quality and durability.

If you encounter any issues with your purchase within this period, we pledge to repair, replace, or offer a suitable solution. It’s not just about providing products; it’s about ensuring they serve you consistently and reliably.

Kody Lukens

Kody Lukens is a lifelong entrepreneur, filing his first LLC at 15. His ADHD mind gives him a unique perspective that fuels his passion for designing innovative tools for anyone looking to enhance their focus and find calm in the chaos of daily life.

He ventured into physical products with Stimagz in October of 2022 which successfully funded on Kickstarter and in the time since has sold over 10,000 sets. Kody spends his time thoughtfully designing each product Stimara develops to best suit the needs of our community, as well as overseeing the direction of the company.

Hayley Honeyman
Community Manager

Hayley Honeyman is an ADHD creator and Community Manager for Stimagz. Her passion for content creation has allowed her to surpass over 500 thousand followers across platforms.

Using her knowledge and experience around content creation and what it means to be a creator working with brands, Hayley helps to lead the social media for Stimagz as well as the Ambassador program.

Nate Chatellier
Key Advisor

Nate is the founder of Nerd Ninjas (a successful video game studio working with the biggest names in AR), a co-founder of Dice Throne (a very popular board game that has raised ~$6m across multiple ks campaigns), and has two other early-stage companies in the works.

As someone who ‘fidgets’ in all of his meetings, Stimagz immediately became the best stim toy he has ever used. Nate has been an early advisor on the team and continues to help guide the success of Stimara.