Kickstarted by the community

When I (Kody) was a kid, I had these cool magnetic toys. While they were meant to be used for building, I instead carried a few around, constantly fidgeting with them in my hands - in class, with friends, or while watching TV. They were my first unintentional focus tools, but they weren't built for it and quickly fell apart.

Years later, this led me to create Stimagz Classic in 2022, aiming to recapture that sense of focus and calm, but in a durable, purpose-built form.

Committed to excellence
Our Journey

Stimara was born from a desire to support the neurodivergent community with tools that stand out in quality and effectiveness. This core mission remains unchanged, but over the past year we've realized the benefits of our products extend far beyond the neurodivergent umbrella.

We've seen firsthand how everyone in this increasingly busy world can enjoy enhanced focus, moments of calm, and a productive alternative to digital distractions or other bad habits.

We welcome all who seek to improve their daily lives. Our commitment is to continue crafting tools that hold a special place for neurodivergent individuals while also serving the broader needs of focus, calm, and engagement for everyone.

Quality Assurance

Every Stimara product comes backed by a 6-month warranty, testifying to our commitment to quality and durability.

If you encounter any issues with your purchase within this period, we pledge to repair, replace, or offer a suitable solution. It’s not just about providing products; it’s about ensuring they serve you consistently and reliably.

Kody Lukens

Kody Lukens blends his entrepreneurial spirit with a knack for innovation, having filed his first LLC at just 15. Living with ADHD has not only shaped Kody's outlook but also inspired him to create tools that help others channel their focus amidst life's hustle and bustle in an increasingly distracted world.

The Kickstarter campaign for Stimagz Classic, in October 2022, marked Kody's first successful product launch. With over 1,700 backers, Kody achieved and exceeded his funding goal by 1000%, and successfully delivered his first product across the globe.

Today, Kody’s role entrenches him in product research and development, design, and overarching company strategy. Always with an eye toward serving the Stimara’s community. Kody is deeply committed to making a difference in people's lives through thoughtful design and creative solutions to everyday problems.

Dan Weinberger
Vice President of Operations

Dan Weinberger is a seasoned Business Operations leader with years of experience in Management Consulting. Having collaborated closely with business leaders from Fortune 100 companies, he was able to leverage his expertise to solve complex problems plaguing a wide variety of industries.

Dan has also previously served as an advisor to early-stage startups, working directly with founders to develop product roadmaps and define critical path milestones in order to scale.

At Stimara, Dan applies his expertise to play a crucial role in establishing a sustainable foundation for the company's growth and ensuring it meets global customer needs. As a member of the neurodivergent community, he deeply connects with Stimara's mission and is passionately invested in the product.

Daniel LeBoss
Chief of Staff

Daniel is easily considered to be a jack of all trades, with previous experience in being a Realtor, Property Manager, Chef, Assistant Manager, as well as many other roles. In addition to this, Daniel LeBoss brings over 20 years of sales and customer service experience to his current position as Chief Of Staff at Stimara.

Daniel wears many hats at Stimara, he serves as the initial link between Stimara and external parties, supports executives in delivering special projects, and proactively assists with various aspects of the company's internal operations. Having been diagnosed with ADHD as a child, Stimagz has been an indispensable tool in his adult life.

Hayley Honeyman
Community Manager

Hayley Honeyman is an ADHD creator and Entrepreneur. Her passion for content creation and innate creative vision has allowed her to surpass 500,000+ followers across various social media platforms for her personal brand. Most Recently, she was on stage at TEDx to give a Ted Talk about her experiences as a Neurodivergent adult.

In her role as Community Manager, Hayley uses her creative skills to grow Stimara’s social media presence, direct the marketing strategy, and act as a liaison between the company and external communities and partners.

Scott de Rozic
Founding Advisor

Scott de Rozic is the Founder of Midas Brands, a venture studio that creates brands with major influencers as founders. Scott brings over twenty years of experience building startups as Founder and CEO, CMO and CTO.

He's raised $10Ms of dollars and founded and built companies to exit. He's built and managed teams from 0 to 100s.

Nate Chatellier
Key Advisor

Nate is the founder of Nerd Ninjas (a successful video game studio working with the biggest names in AR), a co-founder of Dice Throne (a very popular board game that has raised ~$6m across multiple ks campaigns), and has two other early-stage companies in the works.

As someone who ‘fidgets’ in all of his meetings, Stimagz immediately became the best stim toy he has ever used. Nate has been an early advisor on the team and continues to help guide the success of Stimagz.