Stimagz - Glow In The Dark Collection

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  • Visible glow for 30 minutes per charge
  • Fast charging in sun or bright LEDs
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Business in the day, party in the night

In the daylight Glow In The Dark Stimagz are a nice neutral white color, but flip the lights off and they'll come alive ;)

Why glow in the dark Stimagz?

Why not!? Everything is cooler when it glows.

Peak brightness lasts about 5 minutes per charge, but they have a visible luminance for up to 30 minutes afterwards before needing to charge back up!

How does it work?

Glow In The Dark Stimagz contain safe and non-toxic phosphors that absorb UV or visible light and glow - they're like light batteries!

Customer Reviews

Based on 1394 reviews
Haidee M.
ADHDer’s Dream

I have now ordered 6 different sets ( most of them Misfits) and of course a Pink set. I carry 4 every day, everywhere. I have small hands and 4 is the perfect number to use in one hand. I can now concentrate on a daunting conversation or task. I recommend stimagz 100%

Shelbey C.
I love these! Perfect for helping me deal with anxiety.

I haven't tried them in the dark yet, but stimagz have helped keep me sane while there is a lot overwhelming me. Would 100% recommend!


Have not received them.. Waiting for a response from customer service.. will update this once I hopefully get them!


First of all, I got 3 sets of the misfits and am 100% happy with them!

I love fidgets, while my husband is VERY picky about his. Bottom line - they haven’t left either of our hands since we’ve gotten them!!!!!!! I’m getting rid of all my other fidgets because these are just so much better that nothing else really compares. We’ve had them for a week, and I’ve already ordered 3 more sets for Christmas gifts!!!

What I love:
❤️ The tactile stimulation is a perfect balance of grounding and soothing.
❤️They are easily small enough, come in inconspicuous enough colors, and can be played with quietly enough, that there’s nowhere these can’t come with me.
❤️ I never realized what was missing from other fidgets - the cognitive stimulation! It’s enough to be interesting if I want to focus on it, but little enough that I can do the same thing over and over without thinking about it at all.
❤️The pull of the magnets feels great, and when I drop them, they tend to fall in chunks rather than dropping individual magnets. Makes it easy to pick them up and I haven’t lost any!
❤️While they required maybe an hour or two of practice while I was in the car, the muscle memory comes FAST and you get better and better at it! When you don’t get it quite right, they are strong enough that they often right themselves, and when you do drop them they are plenty durable enough to handle it!

Helps so much

I bought my first set on a whim. Figured they'd be a fun little toy for a bit and I'd end up bored of them and forget I had the. I've now bought 3 more sets, 2 for me and 2 for my partner and they help us so much. Anxiety, focus, boredom, you name it we use them to divert energy. We've both been using for months and highly recommend to anyone debating, regardless if you have a diagnosis or not, if you think they will help, they probably will so just try it and see!