you'll be a master in no time!
Pattern guide

On this page you can learn some common Stimagz patterns & routines!

It takes time and practice to learn some of the more complex movements and routines you've seen online, but you'll be a master in no time. (All of these are fun, but using sets of 9 is our personal favorite!)

Let's start slow with two Stimagz in the video below to get a feel for how much strength it takes to separate them, fold them over each other, and more!

PS. It takes a few hours of use to "break in" your Stimagz, and you'll notice they feel smoother and softer in your hands after using them for a while.

These are some of our favorite Stimagz patterns and routines, but there are infinite possibilities! If you make a new pattern, we'd love to see it! Tag us @stimagz on any platform and we'll repost it :)