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Did you know that Stimagz get smoother over time?

Just like a pair of shoes, Stimagz get smoother and more comfortable with use. After a few weeks of regularly using your Stimagz they'll feel noticeably smoother, and the magnets will feel even stronger due to the ends connecting more firmly!

This happens through a mixture of friction from the Stimagz rubbing against each other, and oils from your hands.

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How do I get started with Stimagz?

We recommend starting your journey with 4 Stimagz, even if you purchased a larger pack.

This way you can get accustomed to how the magnets feel and interact in your hands at a smaller scale before moving up to more complex patterns and routines :)

How does the Stimagz reward program work?

For each dollar you spend with Stimara you'll get 5 points which can be exchanged for exclusive discounts and offers!